Why is La La Land so Inspiring?

Why is La La Land so Inspiring?
February 6, 2017 Laura K

La La Land is the very serious contender of this year Academy Awards, for the Best Film or Best actors. No need to be a wizard to know it will get – at least – one. If not, it won my vote already šŸ™‚

Indeed, I have been enchanted by its magic, its music, its colors. It reminds me some of my days when I lived in LA; where dreams can be beautiful and sweet. Ā So here’s why I recommend La La Land:

Why Do I love La La Land?

1. Because jazz never dies!!

As Sebastian (Ryan Gosling) asked in one scene: Who doesnā€™t like jazz? Like in Whiplash directed by the same director, the Jazzy scores give an incredible rhythm during the movie.

2. Because singing and dancing make you feel good

Damien Chazelle – the director, is making such a great homage of those ā€œmusical filmsā€ that we can call today classics. Their codes are being used to tell a great contemporary love story.

And the colors of the costumes make a such refreshing movie:

3. Because the camera ā€œdancesā€ so well during the movie

As Damien Chazelle claimed during his interviews, the camera dances with the characters so it can tell the story freely. And as weā€™ve already seen in Whiplash, the director loves using the long takes.

In La La Land, with the actors dancing and singing, every shot had a strong ā€œfailureā€ potential which makes you feel how much this movie is a challenge. Indeed, if one of the performer did a wrong step, the take was ruined and you had to do it all over again.

The Freeway Sequence:

This opening scene is one of the most challenging scene that has been shot for this movie. And starting with such scene, the audience can be properly introduced to the movie atmosphere.

Did you know?

>> This sequence looks like one single 6min long take

>> But itā€™s actually 3 sequences which are stitched together (The two stitches come during whip-pan moves, the first at the three-minute mark, the second at 4:45.)

>> This sequence took 2 days to be shot. A those days, it was extremely hot and hard for the everybody on the set.

>> The sequence has actually been shot with 2 types of camera: the 2 first takes have been shot with a technocrane but the shadow of the crane was a great challenge because of the bright Los Angeles sun. then, the crew use a steadicam in order to be closer to the dancers, but again, because of the thin space between the dancers and the cars, it was really tricky to move around with the camera.

4. Because Ryan does play piano like a king


Ryan Gosling wasnā€™t completely new to the piano. However, seeing the level needed to perform the different scores on the scenes, the actor followed a 3 month intensive training, playing almost every day – at least 2 hours a day. It actually encouraged the director to realize long takes with the actor to prove he is the one actually playing.

5. Because like Ryan, I end up up being completely obsessed with the movie soundtracks

Indeed, As Ryan said in an interview, although he exercised the songs months before the shooting, he still loves playing them.

I agree with him. At the end of the movie, you cannot stopĀ to hum the songs. Actually, to keep the magic going on, I run on Spotify to listen the soundtracks over and over. Probably becoming the new classics!

I know Ryan, they are really really good! šŸ˜‰

La La Land reminds me also:

CafƩ Society (Woody Allen) but in better

When romance blooms between dreamersĀ in Hollywood but also is crashed by the “reality of the system”.

The Artist

It reminds me the ‘Classic Hollywood” nostalgia that everybody loved when watching the French movie and for sure, helped get an Academy Award. Is it going to pay off for La La Land? Answer on February 26.


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