7 Apps that build the future of movie experience

7 Apps that build the future of movie experience
November 27, 2016 Laura K

Are you using mobile applications for your daily routine? Check the meteo, buy your latest outfit, listen to your music and chat with your friends. What about how you watch content? Do you have an app for that?

As I discussed in my first post explaining why we are at the edge of a Paradigm Shift in the Entertainment industry, the user experience is becoming the very “sweet spot” movie marketers want to achieve, optimize and innovate to be successful. And what more handy than a mobile app? You don’t know what film to choose? With whom you can watch it in the theater? Or you are looking for a place where to share your love for movies to the community? Well, the good news is you are not alone. Others smart people, mostly movie fans, team up to build apps that can help.

I’ve found7 movie apps that I invite you & your friends to try out (if available in your country). I’m presenting for each their key features, their founders and where you can download the app.

Each of them answers one key element that tremendously improves your movie experience. I’ve identified 4 main fixes, those apps provide to their users.

Being SOCIAL: With whom can I watch movies? The movie experience you are looking for is the opportunity to meet “real people”. Watching movies mostly means gathering with like-minded people in theaters. It’s a social activity that needs a minimum of preparation. How you can pick, book and meet with your friends at the theater? You can have one app where you can have all the info you need to organize a viewing.    

Being INSPIRED: What movies can I choose? Depending on the occasion, your taste, and what’s out, you need to browse many films not knowing if they are worth being watched. It could be long of process. What if you can have an app that understands your tastes, makes suggestions accordingly and helps you discover new content? The time you spend picking a film should be hyper optimized so you can enjoy your movie experience.

PARTICIPATE: How can I share my movie experience and help my community having a good one as well? If you friends know you like movies, you might been frequently asked “what do you recommend to watch this week?” What if you you have an app with your profile where you can rate each film you’ve seen, build must-watched list, and share recommendations to your followers. Your movie experience isn’t just watching the film, there is all the sharing that comes after.

MANAGE: How can I organize all this content? You watch many films, TV shows or trailers, those are a lot of content. With this huge volume, you need to classify so it can make sense. Your movie experience needs to be efficient and manageable. Sorting, building to-do-list or checking-in movie details is a process you are not afraid of, but would appreciate if it’s all in one place. You have one brain but an app can back you up to help improve your movie experience.

So a mobile app can be a tool that meets your needs. Of course, you might look for a bit of each those 4 benefits. Then, it is up to the app founders to position themselves based to their users’ most need. Indeed, your needs differ whether you are going to watch a movie, online or in theaters, or if you have seen it already. It depends also if you want your movie experience being shared with a community or on the contrary keep it for yourself. Like having people recommending you their favorite movies or rather trusting an algorithm that will make personalized suggestions.  

Below, I’ve tried to design a mapping of the 7 apps to better understand how they try to answer users needs.

I NEED your feedback? I would like to have your thoughts regarding the 3 questions below. Don’t hesitate to share yours in the comments.

>> Do you think it is better for an app to focus on one need, but do it very well?

>> Do you think is it realistic to have an app that can reach the “sweet spot” in the middle? Would it be the best app or on the contrary a too confusing one with too many features?

>> Which of the 4 angles do you think is the most scalable? By the number of users? Internationally? And by the most profitable business model?


As a takeaway from those researches, I can say that there are as many business opportunities with movie apps as there are different types of users and needs. The success of the app depends then on its positioning.

Moreover, when apps are created & founded by actual movie fans, they bring innovative solution for the movie community that can profoundly change our movie experience.


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