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Maybe you have a side project, a business or you are a movie fan. Mostly, you like the idea that Digital & Entertainment can bring a lot of creativity and people together also. And you are right! Because this is an exciting time to make it even more creative, innovative and fun!

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When you read my posts, they are all about digital & business analysis, project organization advices and encouraging geeky fan communities & inspiring entrepreneurs. They are based on 3 main values:

And as Simon Sinek says, everything starts with a WHY!

I like movies, I started watching films pretty young. I’ve always been fascinated by them as they are a great place for imagination and discovery.

Since after saying this, it usually follows by people asking me WHAT ARE MY FAVORITE MOVIES I put it right here for you:

However, liking movies by just watching them doesn’t sound enough for me. This is how I am, when I like something, I like to understand and know more about it. I’m very curious and I like to understand how things work. This makes me an enthusiastic learner! I believe this is the way to develop a more relevant picture of the world with the perspective that makes you take better decisions in your life and toward others.This also brings the freedom to live very exciting moments of creativity by discovering new things and share this positive dynamic around you and put it into your projects.

So, how do I learn more about movies and about entertainment in general? First, I went through many DVD bonuses (that time when you bought DVDs!!). Then, I am still watching movies, TV shows, web series of course, but also I read books, ask people, and try out things myself. Although I have still much to learn, I can tell you one thing for sure:  there is no guide and no diploma to know how to do it right. Basically, all my understanding comes from what I like to call “enterprising curiosity”. And the Internet is just the perfect way to develop this mindset.

This is why I think both Entertainment & Digital are great opportunities to become  Creativeabitionate people (Creative – Ambitious – Passionate) as the successful Blogger Melyssa Griffin likes to call them. 3 words that genuinely define my core motivations and drive my path:

  • I ask a lot of questions! To have some answers, I’ve studied Management & Entertainment in Los Angeles and Paris. I’ve also worked in different movie distributors and digital media companies.

And through all this experiences, I have been able to live in Los Angeles, Paris and London…


  • I like to learn & try out new things that can bring some changes. Aside from studies and work, I have co-founded a charity MOVIE GUIDE ME and review movies for the community. You can visit the site here.


  • I like to connect with people who have the same mindset. Because this is what makes sense. Entertainment & Digital can bring you great experiences, but they become truly amazing where they are shared and inspiring. Here’s below my wall of FAME:

If it makes sense for you as well, happy you get here, let’s connect! Share ideas, advices and opportunities!